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Pete's New Haven Style Apizza - Apizza


grilled chicken
sliced meatball
sweet sausage
hot sausage
white anchovies
milano salami
calabresi salami
house-cured pancetta
slow-roasted pork


sautéed wild mushrooms
roasted peppers
slow roasted tomatoes
fried eggplant
kalamata olives
caramelized onion
shaved red onions
hot cherry peppers
minced garlic
whole roasted garlic
sautéed spinach
sautéed broccoli rabe

cheese & herbs

fresh mozzarella
shredded parmigiano
fresh arugula
fresh basil
fresh oregano

Pete's New Haven Style Apizza - Specialty Apizzas

Pete's New Haven Style Apizza - Salads

Pete's New Haven Style Apizza - Fresh Pasta


Our pasta is sourced from a local pasta maker, and is refrigerated until you order your meal. Then it gets dunked in boiling water for about 90 seconds, plated, topped with sauce, garnished and brought to your table. It contains wheat and egg products.

Pete's now carries a remarkable new gluten-free corn pasta, Rustichella d'Abruzzo, in all 3 stores.
See the vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free menu for details.

Pete's New haven Style Apizza - Panini

Big Pete 9
Our version of an Italian sub sandwich: Italian Ham, Milano Salami, Calabrese Salami, Mozzarella, Roasted Red Peppers, Hot Cherry Peppers, Romaine, Red Onions, Tomatoes, Vinagrette and Oregano

Olivia 8.5
Grilled Chicken, House-made Pancetta, Fontina, Haas Avocado Mayo

Little Pete (V) 8
Fried Eggplant, Asiago Cheese, Pomodoro Sauce, Tapenade.

Pete's New Haven Style Apizza - Seasonal Specialties - Arancini - Antipasti - Al Forno


Arancini 5.5 / 10.5
Pete’s Arancini dish is a Tuscan delicacy: filled crispy rice balls with different ingredients each month.
This month: Pancetta-English Pea. Risotto cooked with pancetta, english peas, and chicken stock, filled with parmigiana bechamel and served w/ roasted red pepper coulis.

Al Forno 10
A baked pasta dish fresh out of the oven, using seasonal and local ingredients. This month:
Orecchiette pasta tossed with a spicy herbed garlic oil, ricotta cheese, and english peas, topped with grated parmiggiano reggiano (vegetarian).

Pete’s Antipasti Platter 5.5 / 10.5
Pete’s serves an antipasti dish with four different items on it, each of which could be an appetizer on its own. Together, the mini-dishes are a wonderful taste of Tuscany on a plate. Currently offering:
1. Grilled artichokes, kalamata olive relish, lemon emulsion (GF; vegetarian)
2. Red fingerling potatoes, grilled vidalia greens, roasted garlic-herb dressing (GF; pesca)
3. Asparagus, goat cheese, walnuts, sweet onion vinaigrette (GF; vegetarian)
4. Roasted beets, taleggio, hazelnuts, blood orange vinaigrette (GF; vegetarian)

Pete's New Haven Style Apizza - White Wine, Red Wine and Sparkling Wine


House Chardonnay (Spain) 7
Crisp apple, peach, notes of pineapple, clean floral finish

Love Over $ 7.5 / 30
Gruner Veltliner (Austria)
Light citrus notes and lively fruit flavors

Gabriella 9 / 36
Pinot Grigio (Italy)
Luscious stone fruit flavors with hints of tropical fruits

The Better Half 9.5 / 38
Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand)
Citrus, guava, grapefruit, melon and pear with herbal notes

Summerland 10 / 40
Chardonnay (California)
Asian pear, silky pineapple, creamy lemon tart, white peach


Ca del Pucino 9 / 36
Prosecco (Italy)
Clean citrus fruit, lovely floral notes and fresh pear


House Merlot (Spain) 7
Ripe blackberry, baked spice and silky smooth tannins

Carelli 34 7.5 / 30
Malbec (Argentina)
Plum, red cherry and spice notes

Healdsburg Ranches 8 / 32
Zinfandel (California)
Cedar, black cherry, blackberry, mocha and spice

Perfectus 9 / 36
Chianti (Italy)
Cherry and cedar flavors; earthy and savory

Gilles Benoit 10 / 40
Pinot Noir (France)
Bing cherry, notes of violet, earthy, soft velvety finish

Chateau St. Julien 10 / 40
Cabernet Sauvignon (California)
Medium-bodied, blackberry fruit, dark chocolate and spice


Pete's New Haven Style Apizza - Draft Beer - Bottled Beer - Gluten-Free Beer - Non-ALcoholic Beer - Light Beer - Hard Cider


On Draft

In the Bottle


On Draft

In the Bottle


On Draft

In the Bottle


On Draft

In Bottles (and Cans!)



Pete's New Haven Style Apizza - Beverages - Iced Tea - Fountain Drinks - Hot Tea - Coffee - Espresso - Juice - Soda Water

We proudly serve all natural, high-fructose-corn-syrup-free Puck's fountain drinks and Foxon Park sodas by the bottle, as well as coffee roasted by NC-based Counter Culture and Harney & Sons Fine Teas from Salisbury, CT. Soy milk is available upon request.


Puck's Old Fashioned Soda 2.5
All-Natural Fountain Drinks

New Haven's own Foxon Park Sodas
All-Natural Cane Sugar! No HFCS!
12 ounce 2.5 / 1 liter 4

Fresh House-Brewed Lemonade, Iced Tea and other fresh fruit juices 2.5

Martinelli Apple Juice 3.25

Saratoga Water
Still & Sparkling
12OZ 2.5 / 28OZ 4.5

San Pellegrino 2.25
Assorted Sparkling Juices


Counter Culture Coffee 2 / 2.5
Free-Trade, Medium Roast

Harney & Sons Hot Tea 1.25 / 2.15
Assorted Flavors


Pete's New Haven Style Apizza - Desserts - dolci - gelato - sorbetto - cookies - cannoli


We make all of our desserts fresh, right in the store every day, using all-natural ingredients. There's nothing artificial, no high-fructose corn syrup, in anything we make, including our gelati and sorbetti.

We also offer numerous gluten-free and vegan options. Ask your cashier for more information.

Tiramisu 3
Espresso-soaked lady fingers, mascarpone, semi-sweet cocoa

Panna Cotta 3
Italian pudding with seasonally inspired ingredients

Baby Cakes 3
Mini cakes frosted with icing and seasonal garnish

Cannoli 3
Crispy pastry shell, chocolate chips, sweetened ricotta cheese

Chocolate Cannoli 3.5
Chocolate-dipped crispy pastry shell, chocolate flavored ricotta cheese

House-made cookies
Selection and prices vary.

Assorted Cheesecake Truffles 1.5
Cheesecake coated in chocolate

Seasonal Desserts
Ask about current selections


Mascarpone Rum Raisin*
Rice Krispies
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie
Peanut Brittle

Lemon Chamomile
Mint Cookies & Cream


Sicillian Orange
Raspberry Rose**
Exotic Mojito
Toasted Coconut Ginger

Apple and Red Berries

*ABV 0.030-0.033%
**ABV 0.015-0.018%

3.5 / 5